Downloading Ebooks to a Samsung

In this article you will find instructions on how to download an ebook onto a Samsung device. The screenshots are from a Samsung Galaxy S4.

To download your ebook onto a Samsung: 

1. Open the Instafreebie email with your ebook file. At the bottom of the email, click on the download button (the downward facing arrow).

2. Now the file has been downloaded to your device. Find and open the "My Files" app on your device.

3. Open "All files". Now click on "Download".

4. Check the box for your ebook below (this will work for epub, mobi, or pdf).

5. Below is your checked ebook. Now click on the top right had tab that has 3 dots.6. Once selected you need to move the file. Click on the tab with the 3 dots. Now click on "Move".

7. The device should take you back to your All files screen. Click on "Kindle" for a mobi or pdf file, or the "Books" folder for epub or pdf.

8. Finally go back to your home screen and open a mobi or pdf file with the Kindle App or a epub or pdf file with the Google Play Books App.

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