Verified Organizer FAQ

If you've ever seen a blue verified badge next to an Organizer's name when browsing the Group Giveaways in your genre, you may have wondered what it meant. In this article, we'll explain what a Verified Organizer is and how they work alongside their Author Teams to reach new readers.

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Q: What is a Verified Organizer?

A: Verified Organizers are authentic Instafreebie users and creators of Group Giveaways. Instafreebie denotes a Verified Organizer by displaying a blue verified badge next to their name. A verified badge does not imply an endorsement by Instafreebie, but confirms the authenticity of the Organizer’s account.

Q: How is a Group Giveaway that was created by a Verified Organizer different from a normal Group Giveaway?

A: Group Giveaways that are run by a Verified Organizer may have special requirements for participating authors. These Group Giveaways allow the Verified Organizer to specify how readers are opted in to the mailing lists of Author Team members. Verified Organizers can choose whether readers are required to opt in to Author Team mailing lists, or if all giveaways created for this Group Giveaway will be optional opt-in. They can also choose whether or not readers will be required to opt in to their own list of readers. You can learn more about the possible requirements  here

Q: Why can a Verified Organizer choose to collect subscribers from all books in the Group Giveaway?

A: Verified Organizers have the option to enable organizer list opt-in on their Group Giveaways, which means they will collect the email addresses of readers who claim any book from that Group Giveaway. Verified Organizers have reader-focused brands and are dedicated to helping Instafreebie authors share their stories with engaged readers through Instafreebie Group Giveaways. Verified Organizers share their Group Giveaways with their own lists to make it even easier for Instafreebie authors to reach more new readers!

Q: How can I become a Verified Organizer?

A: Verified Organizers have third-party, reader-focused brands and are committed to responsible email marketing practices. Feel free to contact us at for more information about becoming a Verified Organizer.

Q: How can I be verified as an author?

A:  Verification as an author will confirm the authenticity of your Instafreebie author account to readers and other Instafreebie authors. We will be working on the process of author verification in the coming months. In the meantime, make sure you fill out your  Instafreebie Author Page with your author information! You can also submit a request for a verified badge by filling out this form.

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