How to Use the Instafreebie App for iOS

The Instafreebie App makes ebook delivery faster and simpler for anyone who uses our site. You can use an Instafreebie Reader Login Code to access all of the books you've ever claimed on the Instafreebie site, and then move them from the Instafreebie App to any ereader app or device. Follow the instructions below to use the app on your iOS phone or tablet device.

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How to Log In to Your Instafreebie App

  1. Claim a book from Instafreebie. If you don’t already have a book you want to claim, you can find books by selecting "Get started here" under “Need an Instafreebie Reader Account?” on the app’s opening page. For more information on where to find your password, click here.

  2. Once you claim a book, you will receive an email with a password. Input your email address where it says "Reader Login Email" and input your password where it says “Password”.

    This is the password box without a password.
    This is the password box with a password.

  3. Check the box to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

  4. Select “Login”.

  5. You will be brought to a page labeled “My Library” that displays all the books you’ve claimed.

How to Download a Book to Your Device

  1. Select the book you want to read on your device by clicking anywhere within the white box that contains the cover, title, and author.

  2. You’ll be brought to a page that has the book’s cover, title, and author, and a button labeled “Read”.

  3. Select the “Read” button.

  4. A menu with two options (“Read in Kindle” or “Save and Open”) will appear. 

    1. If you are using the Kindle app, select "Read in Kindle." Selecting "Read in Kindle" will automatically open a new menu at the bottom of the screen. Select the "Copy to Kindle" button from the set of options.
    2. Selecting "Copy to Kindle" will automatically launch the Kindle app. You should be taken to the first page of your selected book.
    3. Note: If your book doesn't appear in your Kindle library after a few minutes, you may need to enable Data Storage Access on your Kindle app. For additional instructions on how to enable Data Storage Access, click here.
    4. If you are not using the Kindle app, select “Save and Open”. A menu will appear with options for reading apps you can read in.
    5. Select which app you want to use.
  5. Your book should open in the app. If you are having difficulty viewing your book in the Kindle app, click here. If you are having difficulty viewing your book in another reading app, click here. If you’ve already downloaded and opened the book in the app before, it will take you to the page you last read.
    1. Note: If you want to read in an app such as Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, or NOOK Reading, that app must be already downloaded to your device.

How to Search Your Instafreebie Library

  1. Select the magnifying glass in the top left corner.

  2. Input the book’s title or author, or a keyword in the search bar that appears.

    This is the search bar without search text. 

    This is the search bar with search text.

  3. Tap the magnifying glass in the right corner next to the dialogue box to search. Results relating to your search should appear below “My Library”.

    1. If no books are found, double-check the spelling of the search text
  4. To leave the search section and return to “My Library”, select the back arrow next to the search bar.

How to Sort Your Instafreebie Library

  1. Select the down arrow next to “Sort by”. A drop-down menu will appear with the options “Title”, “Author”, and “Date claimed”.

    1. If you select “Title”, the books will be sorted alphabetically by title.
    2. If you select “Author”, the books will be sorted alphabetically by author’s last name.
    3. If you select “Date claimed”, the books will be sorted in the order that they were claimed, with the most recent first.

How to Log Out of Your Instafreebie App

  1. Select the gear icon in the top right hand corner.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select “Logout”.

  3. A menu will appear asking “Are you sure you want to log out?” Select “Yes”.

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