Unlimited vs Limited Campaigns

Q: Should I make my book's giveaway campaign with no limit to number of times it can be claimed or set a limit?

When setting the parameters of your campaign, you will have the option of limiting your campaign to a certain number of copies (example: 100) or making the campaign unlimited.

The majority of our authors make their campaigns unlimited but there are benefits to both options and specific reasons for choosing one option over the other.


Leave the checkbox marked.


  • You want to use your campaign to reach new readers and generate new sales 
  • You want to use a preview (only giving away a few chapters) to let new readers discover your content without giving away everything for free
  • You are creating a shareable campaign

We highly recommend


Enter the maximum  Number of copies you wish to be claimed.

Use a LIMIT if:

  • You are NOT using the campaign to generate sales
  • You are using the campaign to deliver ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) to a specific group of people
  • You are NOT trying to gain new readers


  • The Limited option is a great way to securely deliver ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) but is NOT an ideal way to create a campaign to gain new readers or generate sales.

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