Giveaway 101

A giveaway is a promotion giving away a prize or reward. It offers readers freedom to find and discover you. 

You will be able to create an unlimited number of giveaway campaigns and distribute an unlimited number of freebies, whether these be previews, novellas, or full-length books.

How To Create A Giveaway 

instaFreebie has two types of giveaways, Quick and Advanced. To start a giveaway, click on a book on your dashboard, then select "New Giveaway."

Next, choose Quick or Advanced giveaway. Advanced giveaway options include customization and opt-ins for Plus and Pro users.

Quick Giveaway

You retain control over the number of copies distributed, as well as the length of the giveaway campaign. Your readers will have access to customer support for all e-reader devices and apps.

The "Purpose" and "Name" is an internal reference for your tracking. Readers will not see this information.

After you click, "Create!" you will see a pop up asking if this information is correct. Please confirm and you will be complete!

Advanced Giveaway

First, you will be taken to the same initial giveaway page as above.

Next, you can choose the Giveaway Format. A "Mailing list opt-in optional" campaign is the standard Instafreebie Giveaway. Readers are not required to opt-in to a mailing list in order to download a book. In a "Mailing list opt-in required" campaign, readers are told that they are signing up for a mailing list and will receive your book as a thank you for subscribing.

Next, you can choose to add a password for your campaign. If enabled, readers will need to know this password in order to access your giveaway.

Choose which file types will be available to readers. The standard for Instafreebie is to offer mobi, ePub, and PDF, but with this option, you can choose to enable or disable whichever combination you prefer.

Sharing Your Giveaway Links

  1. On your dashboard you can see what books you have uploaded. If you click on a book you will find the giveaway campaigns you have created.
  2. The links starting with will be the links you share with readers. Each link has a specific code at the end to make it a unique link for readers. Share the entire link with readers on social media, in newsletters, emails, etc.

If you are ever unsure if you are sending readers the right link, here is a quick tutorial on where to find your Instafree giveaway campaign link.

Thanks to   SM Boyce!

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