Group Giveaways

This article is about the technical side of group giveaways.

Group giveaways are when a group of authors work together and promote all their books on one landing page. The links for the books will redirect the readers to their Instafreebie giveaway page, where they can claim the book. Authors are responsible for setting up their own group giveaways. There are groups on Facebook dedicated to organizing group giveaways, where you can find other authors in the same genre. Instafreebie also facilitates authors organizing group giveaways through the  forum. Once this is set up, all the authors begin sharing on their social media, and readers start downloading. As a group giveaway host, you are responsible for organizing and empowering your fellow authors in order to amplify the outreach of your individual giveaway campaigns.

  1. Find authors to participate
    1. Connect with authors based on genre (which makes it easy to launch a targeted marketing push towards readers who are interested in your content), or branch out to multiple genres and  center  the giveaway around an event or holiday.
  2. Collect author giveaway information
    1. Many authors utilize Google Forms to collect information from other interested authors in a central location, but a variety of tools can be used for this.
    2. We suggest that you collect (at a minimum) the following information from your participating authors: author name, contact information, Instafreebie giveaway link,  high resolution  book cover image, and a commitment to actively sharing the group giveaway during the promotional period.
  3. Host the giveaways on your website or blog
    1. All of the giveaway links and cover images should be collected  in  one web page. Distribute the page link to the other participating authors so they can drive traffic to this central location.
    2. We strongly recommend that group giveaway hosts put in the effort to create high-quality graphics that can be used for this page and for subsequent social media outreach. There are several online photo-editing  softwares  that are both free and easy to use, such as PicMonkeyBeFunky, and  CanvaUnsplash is a great source for free images that can be incorporated into graphics.
  4. Promote your group giveaway
    1. All authors involved in the giveaway should be actively promoting the link to their mailing lists and through their social media channels. For best results, all authors should be actively engaged and promoting for the full duration of the giveaway campaign.


In order to have Instafreebie promote your group giveaway on the homepage, we’ve created these guidelines. Giveaways are selected by the Production team. Email them at if you would like your giveaway to be considered, or if you have any further questions.

1. Unique authors

We require that you have at least 10 unique authors to participate. If you would like to have more, that’s great! Each author will need at least 1 book featured so that in the end there are at least 10 books by 10 different authors.

2. No barrier to entry

A reader should not have to sign up to your website in order to access the giveaway. Please make sure there are no barriers to access the Instafreebie giveaway links.

3. Convenience

Everyone likes when life is easy! Make sure that it is simple to access the Instafreebie giveaway links on the final landing page.

4. Links

On the topic of links, we require that all links to free books are Instafreebie links for the duration of the promotion.

5. Accessibility

Please ensure that your giveaway page has the names of the books/genres in text for those using page-reading software.

6. Accounts

Authors should have their own accounts in order to protect their content. Please don’t double up.

7. Graphic

We require an image in order to promote your group giveaway (about a week in advance). Something that is aesthetically pleasing is always helpful in getting people interested! Here a great article on cover art. While making a book cover is different, there are some good points on how to create an image. The best graphics are focused on the books, authors, or the genre! In accordance with our Community Guidelines, final image graphic may not include graphic nudity (the Instafreebie staff reserves the right to reject any image graphic at our discretion).

8. Landing Page

To promote the giveaway, we need the final landing page link about a week in advance. Make sure that all links are working and the giveaway is live by the time it is featured!

9. Multiple Giveaways

If you are featuring multiple giveaways (e.g. a romance giveaway as well as a mystery giveaway), please make sure that each individual giveaway has a unique landing page. This stops readers from getting confused!

10. Dates

Please specify the duration dates that the giveaway is live for. This makes it easier for readers to know how much time is left to download the books! Nothing is worse than missing a book that you wanted by a day.

11. Genre

If you have chosen Young Adult as your genre, or you’re doing a Clean giveaway, please make sure that all the content stays within these guidelines. Either it must be made explicit to your participating authors, or the books must be checked by the organizing author.

Feel free to share the graphic (above) with authors in your group giveaway.

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