Share A Preview vs A Whole Book

This resource is to help answer author questions about creating giveaways. When choosing how much of your book to share for free in a giveaway campaign, instaFreebie authors have found advantages for both options: previews, and full ebooks.

Previews, Excerpts, and Sneak Peeks

Our authors have found that people who download and begin reading excerpts end up purchasing their books at high rates. Making a campaign that is a Preview, UnlimitedSharable, and with no Expiration Date is the most effective way to generate higher sales of your book using an instaFreebie giveaway campaign.

Previews, Excerpts, or Sneak Peeks should be:

  • 10% of the book or the first few chapters. 
  • For non-fiction content, you can specifically select portions that you think will generate interest from readers.
  • Books within the Kindle Unlimited program or KDP can only be promoted if a preview is 10%

Previews, Excerpts, or Sneak Peaks are effective at:

  • Generating new sales
  • Preventing pirating
  • Reaching and engaging new readers

instaFreebie authors have seen significant numbers of readers choose to purchase, review, or recommend the book after reading a few chapters.

Full eBook Giveaways

  • First book in a series
  • Full book as fan rewards
  • Requesting book reviews
  • Offer advance reader copies (ARCs)

Full book giveaways are a good option when:

  • You are releasing the giveaway campaign to a select group of people for ARCs, reviews, or fan rewards, we recommend limiting the number of claims and/or limiting the duration of the giveaway. You may also NOT want to make it Shareable, if you have a specific list of people in mind already.
  • You are about to publish a new book in a series and you want to create a giveaway of a prior book in the series to generate buzz and new reader interest. We recommend making these campaigns unlimited, sharable, and with no expiration date. This functions just like a Preview, Excerpt, or Sneak Peak.
  • You are using your campaign to reward loyal readers.
Full book giveaways are effective at:
  • Generating interest in latter books in a series
  • Procuring reviews and feedback
  • Rewarding loyal fans

Goals for sharing Free Giveaway Campaigns

  • Creating a new channel to generate sales from a preview or full book giveaway
  • Delegate Customer Support so you can write
  • Engage your fans where they read
  • Offer ARCs
  • Blog Giveaways/Street Team
  • Run special promotions
  • Let fans share with friends
  • Newsletter Signups
  • Distribute to contest winners

Note: If you wish to have a preview instead of the full content, simply upload the chapter(s) you wish to use  as an epub file for the giveaway campaign. Learn more about converting files.

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