Instafreebie Starter Kit

Share content. Build Audience.

Instafreebie is a simple and easy tool for distributing multiple copies of your content automatically to readers. Engage readers with a sample of your content and give them the opportunity to volunteer for future contact and offerings of your books!

6 Simple Steps to share content and build an audience.

  1. Create an Instafreebie account
    1. Sign up for a free 30-day trial for the Plus or Pro plans
    2. Or, try our Basic plan which is free forever 
  2. Upload your content
    1. Share your book, excerpts, short stories, novellas, sneak peaks, or a chapter
  3. Create a giveaway campaign
  4. Share your giveaway campaign
    1. Share Advanced Reader Copies (ARC)
    2. Post on social media platforms like Facebooks, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram
    3. Send a personal newsletter to your mailing list
  5. Built-in support for Readers

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